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Cirilab  Web Ready Publishing

Ready. Set. Publish!

Once you have found the right grouping of documents and you have processed them to produce a navigable collection, it’s time to share it within your “Community Of Interest”. Cirilab’s Web Ready Publishing software allows you to share the knowledge that you have discovered with others in a “Web Enabled and Ready” format, and do it quickly. The Thematic Knowledge Map™
 view of your group of documents will simplify access to your content while increasing usability, and can be shared with others all over the world via the Internet, or restructured to internal use only via a secure Intranet. It’s your choice.

Once the Thermatic Knowledge Map™
 is completed, Cirilab’s Web Ready Publishing software allows you to publish the collection to a web server folder. When the Thematic Knowledge Map™
 output has been published to the appropriate Web server folder, you can publish the link on your web site, email, or press release. From the URL link, people all over the world can access the classified information you published. It’s Web Enabled and Ready!

Your clients can access the processing collection of documents through their own personal Web Browser. They can perform many of the analysis functions over the Internet that you were able to perform from your desktop.

Navigate the document collection via the Thematic Knowledge Map™
 to quickly locate documents of interest.


Perform Information Triage™ exercises on individual documents.

The Web Ready Publishing service is very flexible. All of the Knowledge Components can be placed within your web site’s own Style Sheets or Templates so that the information has your “look and feel” to it.

Share your company’s knowledge with the world today.

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