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Cirilab  Enterprise Knowledge Generation™ Solutions

Many organizations are already employing various applications to address some aspect of the knowledge work process. The value of these applications can be increased if the system’s critical information can be leveraged more quickly. The majority of information sensitive products can be enhanced by the ability to render knowledge signatures from unstructured text.

Cirilab has built the KGE technology to be seamlessly integrated into existing applications so that organizations can compliment the value of the original application with the intelligence inherent in Cirilab’s KGE. Product vendors and corporate IT application developers can significantly extend the life of current products and applications, and quickly build new ones, to easily create more value to pass on to clients. Also, users see a dramatic increase in productivity, even while continuing to use applications they are already familiar with.

Cirilab’s KGE SDK provides a rich Java API through a set of Intelligent Knowledge Object Classes that can be inherited, extended, and reused programmatically or through JSP Custom Tag Libraries. Through JSP Custom Tag Libraries and Portal interfaces, integrating Web-based and Portal applications with Cirilab's KGE technology can be as simple or as robust as required. The relative simplicity of integrating Cirilab’s intelligent functionality within other solutions can quickly enhance value for end-users.

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The Enterprise Knowledge Generation™ Solutions is a set of specialized services that can assist an organization in deriving more value from their current content, be it internal or web driven. 

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