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Cirilab  “Right Click To Knowledge Series™” of products.

For individual consumers, products like Cirilab Speed Read™, allow users to simply “right click” on any document in one of 200 document types (including Word, WordPerfect and PDF) and get a summary of the document including major themes and hyperlinks to all key paragraphs. What a time saver for students, business professionals and researchers.

Imagine “reading” and understanding the gist of a 100-page report in 5 minutes.

Many Knowledge Management solutions are complex to understand and complicated to use. Cirilab Inc. has the answer we know will amaze you and save you lots of your valuable time. With the simple “right click” of your mouse you’ll be on your way to generating thematic based Knowledge View™ or mind map of your documents.


Time Saving Example:  If you could save 30 minutes per day each day of the year in reading electronic documents, this savings would translate to 7.6 days.  Imagine an extra week of vacation!


Cirilab Speed Read™  


Want to get the gist of a document without having to read the whole thing and save time while doing it? You need Cirilab’s Speed Read™ solution. Cirilab Speed Read™ will read any document and create a navigable Knowledge View™ of the documents most important themes



Is your time worth $29.95? You bet it is so take some of it back today! Start with our Cirilab Speed Read™ software and you’ll be amazed how much faster you can review WordPerfect, Word, Adobe PDF, and Text based documents. Start reclaiming your time today.

To learn more about what it can do for you, click Details now!.





Cirilab Knowledge Map


Did you ever have to review collections of documents in order to research a topic or study for an exam? If you have you know how challenging it can be to correlate all of the information and then keep track of relevant and related data, let alone access it at a later date. Cirilab Knowledge Maps will allow you to review collections of information, find related documents, and locate relevant information quickly, every time you use them. Once you start viewing your information with Cirilab Knowledge Maps you’ll wonder how you managed without them.


As with Cirilab Speed Read, we allow each document to express its own thematic content through a Knowledge Signature™.



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