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 “Speed reading is often used for specific purposes, as to locate essential
  information only, to get an overview of text, etc.”
Nebraska Department of Education Web Site.

  Cirilab’s Speed Read™ software can help you tame the information overload tiger. Click for Larger ImageIt’s so easy to use that you will be benefiting from the power of the technology as soon as you install it. How easy you ask? Right Click on any text document, including Word, WordPerfect, and PDF, and you will have a Knowledge View™ of the document within seconds. Cirilab’s Knowledge View™ is your Speed Read™ ready version of the document that will save you time by allowing you to focus on only the important themes in the document that you are personally interested in.


Knowledge Signature™

  Cirilab’s Speed Read™ software reads your document using our proprietary analysis technology. It extracts the major and minor themes within the document and creates a thematic Knowledge Signature™ for your instant review. Instantly you can determine if the document contains any themes that are of interest to you and then read on or discard it. In doing so, you will be applying the Information Triage™ methodology.


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Knowledge View™ Components

  The Knowledge Signature™ can also be used to navigate the document based
  on the “thematic veins” of interest. As you click on a major theme, and then Click to Enlargesubsequently click on minor themes the Knowledge View™ shows only those paragraphs that contain content within that thematic context. Wow, it’s like finding all the needles in a haystack!


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  The Knowledge Signature™ is then used to create a synopsis of the document.
  The Click for Larger Viewsynopsis is a short half page version of the document based on the major themes found in it. Like the thematic Knowledge Signature™, a quick review of the Synopsis will tell you if there is anything of interest to you. If there is, read on!


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  The major and minor themes within the document are then used to create a
  Detailed Summary. This Knowledge View™ of the document is approximately 80% smaller than the original document but has a Document Navigator capability that allows you to quickly locate every paragraph that contains the themes that you are interested in. Simply click on any highlighted word and every paragraph that contains the word is located instantly and displayed in the order in which they are in the document structure.



Just imagine how fast you will be able to review a document and locate just the information you are interested in! Imagine the time you will save!

Author Bonus Feature!

Not sure if your document is expressing your thoughts the way you would like them be perceived by the reader? Then use Cirilab’s Speed Read™ feature to create a Knowledge View™ of the document BEFORE you send it out to people. Elevate the effectiveness of your communication by ensuring that it contains the themes that you are interested in expressing to your audience. Try it once and you’ll be amazed at how it improves theme based communications within your document. If Cirilab’s Speed Read™ software helps you write a better report just once it will have paid for itself.


Cirilab’s Speed Read™ software is your solution to taming the information overload tiger. Try it today for only $29.95 and start Right Clicking your way to knowledge Now!  It’s the right thing to do!

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