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With the Knowledge View™ and its various components, such as the Knowledge Signature™, you are in an excellent position to leverage the value of Cirilab’s Knowledge Generation™ technology. Did you ever have to review collections of documents in order to research a topic or study for an exam? If so, you know how challenging it can be to correlate all the information and keep track of relevant and related data. Cirilab Knowledge Maps allow you to review collections of information, find related documents and locate relevant information quickly, every time you use them. Once you start viewing your information with Cirilab Knowledge Maps you'll wonder how you carried out any Qualitative Analysis without them.


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Let The Documents Express Themselves

And give me a way to access them based on what I am interested in, not what some search engine wants me to see! Cirilab takes a very different approach. As with Cirilab Speed Read, we allow each document to express its own thematic content through a Knowledge Signature™. With a Cirilab Knowledge Map™ we simply combine all of the Knowledge Signatures™ of individual documents into one thematic hierarchical representation of the entire collection. A Cirilab Knowledge Map™ can be created from almost any repository of unstructured text including:

  • a folder of documents
  • the contents of a web site
  • all the posts in a Blog
  • all the posts in a Discussion Group
  • unstructured text records within a Customer Relations Management system
  • and many other unstructured text collections.

You’ve seen what a Knowledge Signature™ is for a single document. Think of a Knowledge Map™ as the same but for a collection of documents. Now that you know a little about what a Cirilab Knowledge Map™ is, download the evaluation version and give it a try today!


Using Cirilab Knowledge Map™

1. Locate a folder and then Right Click on it with your mouse
    (Note: left click if your mouse is so configured).

2. You will see the Cirilab Knowledge Map™ in the context
    menu that appears after you right click.

What Happens Next? The Cirilab Knowledge Map Knowledge Interface™ will pass each document in the folder one at a time to the Cirilab Knowledge Generation Engine™ for thematic entity extraction. The processing time will vary depending on the size of the document. Larger documents will take longer and a greater number of documents will take longer. The Cirilab Evaluation Download software is limited to 25 documents. When the process is completed the Knowledge View™ and primarily the Knowledge Signature™ will be produced for each individual document. Then the real value starts to kick in as all of the Knowledge Signatures™ are combined into a thematic search and navigation hierarchical directory of the entire collection called a Knowledge Map.

As you drill down through the themes that are of interest to you, the Profiled Documents results set window lists fewer and fewer documents in order to ensure that the documents actually contain the thematic vein that you are navigating through. The result is that you are searching with out actually searching yet still finding all of the documents that contain the thematic veins that you desire to know more about. And finally, when you have selected the themes that you are interested in the documents are displayed for you to open and navigate their individual Knowledge Views™ just like in the Cirilab Speed Read™ section.

No need for complicated Boolean queries. No need to know what you are looking for in advance. The documents simply express themselves and you decide what is of interest to you and drive the navigation process in turn. If a document does not express any themes that are important to you why would you want to waste time reviewing it? That’s what Information Triage is all about!


3. When you select Cirilab Knowledge Map™ the software will begin processing all of the
    documents in your folder.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Knowledge Generation Engine™ is creating a Knowledge Signature™ for each and every document within the folder that it is able to parse (read). When completed all of the Knowledge Signatures™ will be rolled up in to a Knowledge Map™.





4. The next screen that is presented is the Cirilab Knowledge Map™ of the collection of
    documents in the folder.

Document Navigato™: The Document Navigator™ is the thematic map of the entire collection of documents. The Document Navigator™ is organized by Theme Frequency or Alphabetically at your choosing. It allows you to search without searching! Simply click on the to the left of the theme you are interest in exploring further. If you click on the theme in question you will notice the results within Profiled Documents changes and only the documents that match the themes you are focused on with be displayed. The numbers to the right of a theme are also very important as they indicate how many documents contain the theme in question, how many of them are Major themes within the document and how many are Minor themes within the document.
In this example, 4 documents contain the theme Information Triage while only 1 has it as a Major theme.

Profiled Documents: As described above, the Document Navigator™ allows you to located documents that contain the same thematic content without knowing initially what you want to search for. The Cirilab approach allows you to explorer a collection of documents without having to know in advance which terms you need to search for in order to get results. We let the documents tell you what is in them and then you can decide which path you wish to navigate to find what you are looking for.

5. Ok, let’s do some thematic navigation. Click on the very top theme within the Document
    Navigator™. You should notice that the documents within Profiled Documents window will
    change and that the number of documents will match the number that is to the right of the
    theme that you just clicked on.

6. Continue the process by opening the Major theme to expose its minor themes by click on
     the button.

In our example above, you will notice that the “Format 1/3” indicates that there are 3 documents with the theme “Format” and that only one of them has “Format” as a theme within the context of “Cirilab”, and that two other documents have “Format” as a theme within them but not within the Major context of Cirilab.

7. Click on the top most document within Profiled Documents window to open the document’s
    Knowledge View™.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have now come full circle. You started with the Cirilab Speed Read™ to generate a Knowledge View™ of a single document and then you used the Cirilab Knowledge Map™ to create a thematic based search and navigation Knowledge Interface™ of a collection of documents to be able to find documents with similar thematic content. And then finally you were able to access a document’s Knowledge View™ in order to further apply Information Triage™ techniques to focus on just the information you need while avoiding the “noise created by information overload”.

8. Go ahead and try the Cirilab Knowledge Map™ on your “My Documents” folder or a project folder that you are currently working on. You’ll be amazed at the whole new “thematic window” that you are presented with. Or, have a new research project you need to start? Collect a bunch of related information on it and throw it in to a folder. Then process the folder with Cirilab Knowledge Map™. You’ll quickly find a whole new way of analyzing information awaits you. And Cirilab Inc. Knowledge Generation™ technology empowers you to do so right now!

Lead the Knowledge Generation™ today with Cirilab!



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