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Sun & Son is Cirilab’s “go to” specialists for IBM and Cognos solutions integration. This includes IBM’s WebSphere, Lotus Notes and OminFind products as well as Cognos Business Intelligence products.

Sun & Son is an industry leader in the development and integration of solutions for Workplace Collaboration and Knowledge and Expertise Management. We focus on leveraging information technology to allow people to work together more productively, communicate more effectively and find greater fulfillment in their working activities. We believe that technology, properly designed and implemented, can help serve to elevate and enrich the human experience and produce individual and organizational transformation.

Since 1992 we have delivered innovative software solutions to our global customers and partners through a business culture that combines intelligence, creativity, innovation, and service. We have worked closely with key technology partners IBM, Cognos and others to develop innovative solutions which set new standards for user empowerment. We welcome opportunities to team with technology and consulting partners to help develop truly synergistic solutions.

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