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About Cirilab Inc.

Cirilab develops practical search, retrieval and categorization software designed to increase organizational productivity by effectively harnessing key knowledge resources. Information intensive organizations need to increase responsiveness, efficiency, and innovation by leveraging intelligent information and knowledge analysis and organization tools that help them make better decisions faster. They need to turn information overload into Knowledge Power using Information Triage™ based solutions. Cirilab and Partners provide a host of advanced analysis and organization applications and tools that can leverage your knowledge to improve your business competitiveness.

Our company's client base in Canada and the United States continues to grow as our software helps organizations realize a profound new approach to extracting knowledge value. In the last several years Cirilab has succeeded in developing and bringing to market a core suite of technologies known as KOS (Knowledge Object Suite) based on its Multidimensional Semantic Spatial Indexing Technology.


Our recent release of the “Right Click To Knowledge Series™” of products demonstrates that knowledge management solutions don’t have to be complicated to empower the individual Information Worker.

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