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Billions of pages of unstructured text exist on the web, in corporate file systems, and content management databases around the world. And millions of pages are being added daily in many different types including WordPerfect, Word, HTML, PDF and many others. While existing search engines can help us find thousands of “hits” in less than one second, the question of how relevant that information
is and how we review it remains a huge challenge.  This is the Information Overload Tiger.

After years of research in Knowledge Management and Information Triage, Cirilab has released the Cirilab Knowledge Generation Engine™ (KGE) which is at the heart of a series of products designed to “read” unstructured text and provide insights into that text that was never before possible.  Whether you are an individual consumer or a member of a large enterprise, Cirilab’s “Right Click To Knowledge Series” ™ of products is right for you.


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